Script on this page are all part of my current work. It shows the basic steps of how I select a model for my data to correlate duration and species traits. The purpose of these models is to find out which factors influence the duration of species. Later on in the project, I will apply the chosen model on extant species to compare modelled extinction risk and extinction risk estimated by the IUCN Red List assassement.

The R scripts on this page are available on GitHub. You can:

Link to GitHub


Data used here is test data only, which closely resembles characteristics of the real data. As it took me quite some time to collect these data, I naturally want to be the first one to publish it. The data has mostly numerical variables like coordinates or also geogrpahic ranges, but also information about habitats and body size. A full description of the used variables is included in the script.

Skript “Modelling”

My current modeling tests. This is the same file you can download and try yourself by following the link provided above to GitHub. All you need is a running R installation. I am always happy to receive feedback on my work.

Skript “Application”

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