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Conference talks


  • EGU General Assembly. Climate influences the impact of geographic range size on extinction risk of amphibians


  • CPEG - Crossing the Palaeontological Ecological Gap. Fossils for conservation
  • ESA Annual Meeting. Predicting extinction risk of living amphibian species with the fossil record


  • Geobiodiversity - An Integrative Approach Expanding Humboldt’s Vision. Predicting the extinction risk of living amphibians using the fossil record (poster)
    1. Internationalen Naturschutztagung „Zoologischer und botanischer Artenschutz in Mitteleuropa“ Der Zusammenhang zwischen Aussterberisiko von Amphibien und ihrem Lebensraum hat sich umgedreht


  • Progressive Palaeontology. From fossil record to amphibian conservation


  • 3rd Leibniz PhD Symposium of Section C. The fossil record and conservation

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